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Tapping Therapy specialists, mindset educators, speakers and authors. We are here to help you to make profound changes in your life and are dedicated to help you in achieving your big dreams and goals.

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Life You Love!

We specialize in Tapping Therapy, personal development strategies, health and wellbeing tools, and techniques. The changes you can expect are quick, deep and lasting, so you can be more inspired, creative, confident to achieve your biggest dreams and goals.

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What People Are Saying!

Kim & Dave completely cured the anxiety and depression I had experienced. Completely. I used to have crippling anxiety for taking tests, flying, and general worry about everything, paired with a sinking feeling of nothing being worth it... and they totally changed my life. I NEVER feel anxious or depressed anymore... and I worked with Kim & Dave over four years ago! They are wonderful, intelligent, and incredible life changers - thank you K & D for giving me freedom and making my life better.
Tapping Therapy Review
Haley Hoffman Smith - Author and Speaker

We Take A Special Approach To Every Client!

Every Session is individually tailored to our clients needs.

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